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About us

From Argentina, Kimbara was formed during 2016 as a flamenco / fusion trio in order to recreate as faithfully as possible world music classics with a pure flamenco base.

In these times, the mixture of cultures is the most enriching for global music. Music is universal and thus the phenomenon of uniting genres and continents is constantly produced. This is how the Kimbara members understood it, who cyclically went through periods of musical maturation where these ideas are embodied.

His musical proposal is being enriched closely with the undeniable globalization and the importance of cultural diversity.

But why “KIMBARA“? What does it mean?
Kimbara means movement, the word represents the beating of the drums. It was taken from the popular latin song “Químbara, cumbara cumba quimbambá” by Celia Cruz.

Over the years, the need to enrich the sound and be faithful to the World Music genre, led Kimbara to expand his initial trio line-up to 4 musicians.
They also took on the challenge of presenting themselves as a multi-style band, trying to keep the base in the flamenco rumba and its mix with the Latin rhythms.

The genres and artists that nourish the repertoire of Kimbara World Music are so varied that we can go from the 70s and 80s with disco versions of the best classics of the time, passing through bossa nova, jazz, Caribbean rhythms, disco, rock international, bachata, son, salsa, flamenco rumba, funk, boleros. A mix for all ages and musical tastes.
Celia Cruz, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan covering melodic classics by Cristian Castro and Alejandro Sanz to the sound of the Cuban harpsichord. Norah Jones, Lila Downs, Pitingo, Creedence, Queen, The Beatles are some of the artists that are part of this timeless show that Kimbara World Music offers.

Currently it is a band that seeks and manages to revert songs and take them to a particular style, making works of musical arrangements that achieve a version with artistic value.


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